Weekly Activities


Daystar Kids Values

Sunday Morning - Good Hope Campus

Kids Power Company | 8:30 AM, 9:45 AM and 11:15 AM

A large group experience (with small group break-out sessions) that includes an action-packed, engaging, multimedia service for ages 7-12. Services may include: praise and worship, dance team, drama/skits, comedy, games, puppetry, an illustrated relevant message and prayer time, small group break-outs, and more.


In our preschool rooms, children learn the bible through music & worship, puppets, crafts, interactive bible lessons, prayer time, recreation & more! Each week at Daystar Kids Jr, children rotate to different 'stations' throughout the learning hour where the theme for the day is reinforced. This keeps the learning experience fresh, memorable and exciting each week. And of course, your child's safety and well-being is our main focus!

Classes meet during all regular weekly church services.
3 year olds meet in room 109,
4 year olds meet in room 107,
5 year olds meet in room 105.

Preschool Director: Ashley Carr


At Daystar our Nursery Department is dedicated to providing parents peace of mind by insuring that their children are loved, cared for, and ministered to while they are in our care. Our goal is to provide professional care for our children's emotional, physical, social & spiritual needs. The 5 priorities of the nursery ministry at Daystar are:

The Nursery Ministry is available beginning 15 minutes prior to each regular weekly worship service at Daystar. We welcome your questions and comments!

Nursery Director: Jennifer White

Wednesday Evening - Good Hope Campus

Wednesday night activities for children will resume at a later date. Watch for details.

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