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Online Small Groups

Daystar Kids Small Groups Dear Parents,
Even after we resume meeting for worship on campus as a church family, it will most likely be a few more weeks before children’s classes and activities resume. To help your children stay connected with our kids leaders and staff, we offer several online children’s small groups at each campus. Go to to view the groups that are available for your children! Then email and we will get back with you with more details about the group and how to connect!

5 Things I Wish You Knew About God

5 Things I Wish You Knew About God New series this month:

Many people in our world today have a lot of misunderstandings about God. For example: They may not realize how powerful that He actually is. They may think that God wants them to be perfect. They may think he causes pain and suffering. They may think a relationship with God means just making sure you don’t break any rules. Well……that’s Fake News!

We will be tackling those wrong ideas about God and wrestling them to the ground! We will address these myths by clearly answering one question every week in our online service series called: 5 things I wish you knew about God.

Daystar Parenting Series

Daystar Parenting Series Parents of any age children, join us for our monthly parenting events. These will be offered online. Watch for more details. We will have a different speaker and parenting topic each month. An example of some of the topics covered at these events are: Blended Family Parenting, Discipline, Kids and Technology, Morals and Sexuality, Teaching your kids Responsibility, School/Academic Challenges, Adoption/Foster Parenting, Prayer, Gender Identity, Parent-Child Relationships, Making Family Memories, and much more!

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