Amazing Bible Adventure

Amazing Bible Adventure 6-week message series!

During this 6-week series, you will be taking your children on The Amazing Bible Adventure! You will meet some amazing people, who were full of power and faith, who did some incredible things, experienced unbelievable miracles, in some places on earth that you may have never heard about!

This Bible is full of the greatest true stories known to man; stories of combacks and victories over temptations, military foes, sickness, and more. We believe that God will speak to your kids and change them, as they make their way through the living Word of God!

The series begins at Creation and will include many incredible stories from the book of Genesis. Our goal is for the kids to understand more how God wants them to live, so they can be full of his wisdom and power.

Buckle up and let’s get started on our……


Free Digital Download

Digital Download As our gift to you, we are offering this curriculum free. Please note that unlike our other curriculum, this download consists of the un-edited documents and files. To download this free curriculum, please provide the following information:

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