Face It

Face It 5-week message series!

‘Face It!’ – Beating the tough things in life. This 5-week series talks about the tough things that kids face and how to deal with them. We will be using different Emoji’s to illustrate each one. The Leader will talk about real-life situations that we ALL face and the emotions that we ALL feel.

In week 1, the emoji is the very infamous Poop Emoji! We are discussing how, sometimes, things happen that can really make life STINK! Things such as parents getting divorced, loved ones dying, moving to a new school, sickness, and much more. We will learn how to deal with those things so that if they come our way, we are not defeated (muscle arm emoji)! Ephesians 6:10 says: “Be strong in the Lord and in his mighty POWER!”

In week 2, we will refer to an emotion that most everyone deals with, Anger! In real life, there are so many things that can make us angry: our brother or sister, our parents, teachers, losing a game, etc! In week 2 we are going to learn how to properly handle anger and frustration when we start to feel like we are about to explode!

In week 3 we will talk about defeating stress. I think we can all agree that life can seem pretty stressful at times! We have schoolwork to deal with; chores around the house, ball practice, parents arguing, drama with your friends, whew!.....there are tons of things that can stress us out! But, with Gods help, we can be free of stress!

In week 4 the series will cover something that can be as disgusting as vomit…….our words! Whether we realize it or not, our words mean a lot! In fact, the Bible says that our tongue has the power of life and death! Maybe you’ve had someone say mean things to you or gossip about you; we are going to learn how to handle that! Maybe YOU have been the one to put others down with your words or make them feel bad. Either way, we are going to learn the importance of using our words to make others feel good and lift them up instead of putting them down and making them feel bad.

In week 5, we will refer to the ‘Thought’ Emoji during the lesson! Everyone has probably heard the saying, “think before you act.” During week 5 we learn the importance of stopping and thinking about what the Bible has to say, when we are going through any problem or situation, BEFORE we respond to those things! We gain wisdom about to react to things when we read and think about God’s Word.

Series Verse: Romans 12:21 / DO NOT let evil defeat you / instead / conquer evil with good! / Romans 12:21

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