Professor Googleman's Technology Lab

Professor Googleman's Technology Lab 4-part message series and drama (ages 6-12) for Kids Church, big events, VBS, etc.

We live in a high-tech world and this series teaches kids about living for God by referring to popular pieces of technology that they can relate to. Included with the curriculum is a drama for each service with Professor Googleman, his sidekick, Egon, and his robot, Mega-bot. Your kids are sure to enjoy this relevant series and will definitely learn how to live for God in a high-tech world!

Weekly lessons:

Included is 4 weeks of relevant Bible lessons with popular movie clip suggestions that will help to drive home the point each week. Also included is game suggestions, object lessons, the Professor Googleman skit, Powerpoint slides, the logo, take home family devotion sheets, resource list, and more!

Available Formats

Traditional Manual $ 38.50 (includes shipping)

Manual on CD $ 31.90 (includes shipping)

4-part Drama on DVD $ 42.90 (includes shipping)

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