Shipwrecked 4-part message series for Kids Church or Big Events.

When we begin our relationship with Christ our course in life should be directed by God. We will be provided for and blessed as we keep following his direction. However, just like a ship can become diverted off course during a storm or another distraction, and, end up lost and in danger, so can we. This series teaches kids (and families) the importance of maintaining our focus and devotion on Christ, and keeping our priorities in order – no matter how difficult. This would be great for a family experience event as you can easily relate some of the messages to marriages.

Theme Verse for series: "I pondered the course of my life, and I turned to follow your ways."
—Psalm 119:59


This curriculum includes character and/or puppet skits, games, PowerPoint slides, and the 4-part Family Drama, SHIPWRECKED

Available Formats

Manual on CD $ 31.90 (includes shipping)

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